It’s in the Sky

In the work ‘It’s in the Sky #1″ we see an androgynous figure. A contemporary angel who moves freely through the sky, a bit transparent as if she is merging with the clouds.

After the “Tra Cielo e Terra” 2017, I continued to explore the representation (materialization) of sacrality and belief within the churches of Western religion. Hereby I pays special attention to the visual elements that I often encountered on the walls and in the paintings. The clouds are for me not only decorative elements that function well for placing saints and angels in space. The clouds are also the link between the divine and the earth.

In the work ‘Il Sogno dell’Acrobata’ ( the dream of the acrobat) we see the same figure flying in to the sky. An angel as acrobat looking downstairs maybe to us.

Both works are printed by me with the Van Dyke brown method on water colour paper.

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