Biennale ‘Le Latitudini dell’Arte’

For the VI edition of the Biennale ‘Le Latitudini dell’Arte’ the art director and artist Virginia Monteverde invited The Netherland as a guest country. The theme for this edition was light and water which I elaborate with pictures of a dramatic sky above The Netherlands.
An androgynous figure is moving between the clouds. A contemporary angel who moves freely through the sky, a bit transparent as if she is merging with the clouds. With their variable shapes hanging in the air, sometimes threatening, sometimes clear and light, the clouds are a natural phenomenon that has fascinated man  since ancient times. The Dutch were the first to specialize in reproducing what they had in abundance. They were the first one to paint the seas and the sky in the seventeenth century.

For the Biennale “Le Latitudini dell’Arte” I have been searching for a printing technique that could best communicate the atmosphere and image I had in mind. To my surprise, I discovered that the ‘Van Dyke Brown’ is a contact print technique that refers to the Flemish painter Antoon Van Dyck (Antwerp 1599 – London 1641). He used a certain brown color in his paintings that was characteristic of his style. In 1621 the Van Dyck stayed in Genoa for about a year with the intention of portraying the nobility of that time. A number of his works is still visible in one of the city’s museums.