An acrobat, a fairy and other stories

After the exhibition “Tra Cielo e Terra” 2017, I continue to explore the representation of sacrality and profane in the Western culture. Hereby I pays special attention to the visual elements that I encountered on the walls, in the paintings and the furnishings used for the rituals in the catholic churches.
Cielo (sky) is a serie of work dedicated to the clouds. The clouds are the link between the divine and the earth. With their variable shapes hanging in the air, sometimes threatening, sometimes clear and light, the clouds are a natural phenomenon that has fascinated man since ancient times. The clouds are also a fundamental element present in frescoes and paintings in the catholic churches: the give support to saints and angels.

An acrobat, a fairy and other stories is a on going project, please come back soon for new released works.

Peut-être une fée

Inktjet print on Fine Art paper Barita van Hahnemühle and Diasec (plexiglas) 60 cm H x 89 cm B

The Acrobat's dream