Alternative Photographic Processes
altar\, art and religion, black and white photography, churches, fine art, italian architecture, pigment on paper, rituals, surrealism, toyobo

For my black and white serie I took inspiration from the beginning of the cinema and photography with a special attention to the silent movies. The Surrealism art movement with the overturning of the reality. I am interested in topics such as art and magic, rituals, dreams, religion buildings from the Catholic tradition, appearance, illusionism. I am also influenced by the fiction novels of the American writer Edgar Allan Poe.  I wanted to reach the same shade of grey and the deep black coming from the illustrations from the 19th century early 20th century.

After trying in de doka printing on photo paper from a digital file transformed in to a negative I decide that the Toyobo technique was more suitable in order to reach my result I had in mind. Toyobo is the name of the plate where it’s possible to expose a positive picture with UV light getting a relief effect. It’s an easier and faster method than photogravure. The result is an amazing print, where the black of the ink (pigment for etching) together the quality of the etching paper give a tactile extra feeling to the picture.

Note: all the works are in edition of 7.  The plate (image size)  are 38 cm h x 25 / 26 cm B.  For any information about the price available edition en size paper feel free to inquire to my gallery: